Sunday, May 27, 2012

Platypus Dreams!

There are few things I love as much as scented wax, but soap is one of them! When I found out about Platypus Dreams, I couldn't wait to place an order. They have everything I love, natural goats milk soaps, scrubs, moisturisers, and bath bombs. And since they are located here in Australia, shipping was fairly quick and inexpensive. (My tarts still come from my favorite vendors in America, so by comparison this was a dream!)

For my first order, I thought I would try just a few basic items, two bars of soap and a bath bomb. The bars of goat's milk soap were in Masquerade, and Sandalwood Rose. The bath bomb in one of my favorite scents, Cotton Candy.

The bath bomb was a little smaller than expected (although this was just laziness on my part, the dimensions are given on the website) but the bars of soap were perfect. I also recieved two free samples (YAY Samples!) of soap. Aphrodisiac and Frosted Lime Cake.

Since I have no patience, I used the bath bomb right away. It was strong, sweet, and made the water so soft. This little guy was very impressive considering it's small size in comparison to my oversized tub. It was just as good as other bombs and this one was at least half the price! (They are $2.50 each) Only drawback was the pink ring around the tub. I couldn't get it to rinse off, but a quick wipe down solved the issue.

             Sandalwood Rose
Scent descriptions for the soaps.
Masquerade - Citrus with Vetiver and floral notes of rose geranium, jasmine, lily of the valley and sweet earthy bottom notes of ambergris, vanilla, and musk. 

Sandalwood Rose- This bar is scented with a unique blend of Asian Sandalwood, Sweet Roses and Wild Jasmine on a soothing background of exotic Musk. 

These soaps are amazing. Excellent amounts of scent and lather, not to mention how beautiful they look. These are just as good, if not better than other stores such as Bath and Body Works or LUSH.
I will be stocking up soon. :)

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  1. They sound yummy and soothing. I love creamy soaps with lots of lather.