Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome To Australia!

 Aussie Coke has names on the labels. I found mine!
                                I usually write about wax and scented products, but just about everything we own (except what we could fly with) is being shipped and is floating on a barge somewhere in the Pacific. So I'll be shifting away from that for a while, at least until our stuff arrives. But for the most part (even though I miss my candles and tarts!) It works out just fine, because as they say, "Inspiration is all around us", and being in a different country (and continent!) everyday is an adventure.

We visited Tyler's folks for Christmas, and flew out 3 days later from San Francisco to Sydney. It felt like we would never take off. We were on the tarmac for at least an hour and a half. For whatever reason (they didn't say) we sat at the gate for 45 minutes, and when we finally push off, a young woman across the aisle from us has a panic attack. Apparently it was her first flight (a 14 hour one at that!) and was having separation anxiety from her boyfriend. So the pilot comes out and speaks with her. To no avail it seemed, because we went back to the gate to let her off and ended up taking off another 45 minutes later.

Master bedroom. Look at the trees!
View from the back balcony.
One very long flight later, we arrived in Sydney with nothing except what we could fit in our luggage.  The apartment we leased is very nice. The appliances are Barbie sized, and you can fit about 4 towels in the washing machine, but the recessed lighting is great and the view from the windows is beautiful. It also has a enormous bathtub and a separate full sized shower.
We're close to the train which is great since we don't have our own cars here, and a large shopping mall is within walking distance. The first I've ever seen that had groceries and fresh food markets inside. We bought some items that couldn't fit in our luggage.  (Like some pots and pans, and an ironing board), then the next day we went to Ikea for some build it yourself furniture. Compared to most other furniture places, your money goes fairly far there, and as a side note....the Swedish Meatballs at their restaurant are really tasty!

Barbie's washer and dryer
 Aussie electrical sockets look depressed
So, all in all our first week here turned out really well. A year ago I never would have dreamed we would end up in Australia. It's funny how life turns out, and a good reminder to keep Faith because anything in this world is possible.
Tree outside my apartment. It's hard to see, but there is a black bird with a white rear in the center.

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  1. I love this, Nicole! So excited for your adventure there!