Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bath and Body Items from Beaxsavonsfrais!

This is my second order with Beaxsavonsfrais. I placed my first order a couple of months ago for two regular shaped bars of soap in Pink Sugar and Blue Sugar. I tried Blue Sugar first and loved it. It smelled amazing, was long lasting, and cleaned very very well. So when my beloved Blue Sugar bar finally dissolved and melted away, I knew I had to get more.

Whipped Cream Soap

I was so impressed by the quality of the bar soap I decided to try a few other items as well. Since regular bar soap is a bit drying, I ordered a jar of  Luxurious Whipped Cream Soap in the same Blue Sugar scent. I was excited to try it out, and washed my hands with it right out of the package. I didn't get a super bubbly lather, but it went on smooth. The scent stayed on my skin, soft enough so it wasn't overwhelming, but strong enough to be noticeable once my hands were dry. The moisturizing factor was nice too. I will still use my regular moisturizing lotion, but my hands felt much softer opposed to how they felt with regular soap.
The tops are sparkly!

Speaking of lotions, I decided to order a couple to go with my bars of soap. One to match my Blue Sugar, and another to match the Pink Sugar bar I purchased with my last package. Since it's wintertime I got the thicker lotion in the jar. It's creamy, smells great, and isn't greasy at all. It looks like there is a tiny bit of sparkle in it. I can see some on the inside of the jar, and just a tiny bit made it onto my skin. I know a lot of people don't care for glitter, but don't fret! It's very very light.
I've only just received it today, but so far I think its great. I've got Blue Sugar on one arm and Pink Sugar on the other, and a couple hours later I can still smell it.

Bar of Pink Sugar from my previous order.
Wow that sounds great! Right? Right! Can it get better? Why yes it can! I made my purchase, completely in coincidence with the Beaxsavonsfrais' Black Friday Sale. I thought I was only ordering 4 items, but they doubled my entire order. I got twice the amount of items I had originally expected. Most exciting 50% off ever. Other than the fact that it is extra product, I'm especially excited because I'm leaving for Australia soon, and now my soaps and lotions will last twice as long than I thought.

Pink Sugar Thick N' Creamy Lotion
The cherry on top of my order...the samples! One was a scent I requested. Buttercream. I love Buttercream as a wax tart so I thought I would try it in body care.  I wasn't sure I'd like it enough to invest in a full size jar, so a mini size is perfect. I tried to put a little on, but with the hand washing, and the other lotions I've applied, its a little too much scent overload to distinguish this one right now. I'll try it again in a little while and post an update. :)
Next up, two chunks of bar soap in Pink Poundcake and Victoria's Secret Pink Type. (Guess they found out I LOVE pink! Obvious huh?) Last but not least is a little mini bar of soap in a Green Tea scent. It smells light and refreshing, and was molded to say "Thank You" right on top.

I'll be posting updates as I use the products more, but everything I have experienced so far has been excellent. If you're not concerned about dry skin the regular bars are great, and if you are, the whipped soap is a creamier way to go. The thick and creamy lotion feels great on my skin, and not greasy in the slightest.
Ordering from Beaxsavonsfrais has been a pleasure. The products are amazing, and the customer service is top notch. My questions were answered quickly and the owner is so sweet. The regular prices are good, and the sales are a steal.
If your looking for great quality soaps, lotions and smellies give Beaxsavonsfrais a try. I'm willing to bet they will be one of your go-to vendors, because they certainly are mine! While I love my Bath and Body Works, there is something extra special about Mother and Daughter Handmade Creations. 

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  1. Lovely! Thanks so much for the wonderful review. We are so happy that you are enjoying everything. :)