Friday, March 16, 2012

Daiso Rose Bath Ball!

I've been walking past the Daiso Japanese store a few times a week for at least 3 months now. Each time I'd walk by, I'd tell myself that next time I'd go in and look around. I'm not quite sure what took so long, but it wasn't until yesterday that I finally did.

Daiso is like the higher end dollar store of everything Japanese. At $2.80 AUD for any item, they have just about everything under the sun. It was at least half an hour wandering up and down the aisles before I came across shelves of these bath balls. With brightly colored packaging, adorable cartoon characters, and a surprise in each one, I was intrigued. Out of seven scents available, I chose Rose, Fruit, and Apple. The other four were Milk, Orange, Soda, and Chocolate.

I decided to try the Rose bath ball first. It is hard to gauge the size of the product based on the plastic bag, but it was still a little smaller than expected. 

That being said, I loved the scent, and even though it was shrink wrapped in another layer of plastic, I could still smell the sweet floral fragrance within. 

Once dropped in the water, the ball has excellent fizz. But unfortunately, the scent that I so loved before was completely lost. My bath tub is on the large side, and the ball was just too small to have an effect. There were no noticeable difference in water color, scent or feel. 

So even though the practical use of the bath ball didn't work out as I'd hoped, there was still the excitement of what little figure would come out. Each ball's figure is based on the animated character on the package. This particular one is a teddy bear, with the option of either brown, blue or pink. (Childish, I know!) After a minute or so this little guy floated to the top.

 I ended up getting the Pink Bear, with a cute little bow tie. Even though it was fun, I doubt I will be purchasing these again. 

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