Monday, March 19, 2012

Haley Candles!

My second order has arrived! As weird as it may sound, seeing those boxes with the pink zebra striped tape gave me the urge to do a little happy dance. I had to resist hugging the mail man! I'm kidding of course, but I really do love getting my boxes from Haley Candles.

There are so many things I like about Haley's tarts it's hard to decide which to talk about first. Obviously scent and throw are the most important factors, and this vendor rarely disappoints. I had a Pink Sugar so strong my husband made me open the windows!

There is an abundance of different shapes to choose from, including pies, loaves, donuts, and cupcakes, just to name a few. (Shortly after I placed my order, frosted cookies were added to the website! I was sad I missed them, and will have to add some to my next package). If shapes aren't your thing, there are cups, clamshells and scalloped tarts as well. They even have regular candles, although I have not purchased these personally and cannot attest to how well the burn.

The artistry displayed on some of these shapes is amazing. The cake pieces almost look edible, and the frosting on the cupcake tarts look like real piped icing. The tops of the loaves are beautifully whipped with sprinkles and/or appropriate garnish. The Chocolate Chip Cookie loaf has little wax cookies on top! How cute is that?

Cinnamon Roll tart in Funnel Cake, with Sprinkes!
The scent list isn't the longest I've seen, but at 60+ including blends and such (and constantly expanding), there isn't a shortage of options. It is a bakery lovers dream, with assorted floral or fruity scents tossed in for good measure.  Haley Candles even has my beloved Vanilla Pumpkin Pie, which I haven't seen since a previous vendor went out of business.

While the cost has changed a little bit, this vendor is very reasonable when it comes to pricing. The owner Crystal, is sweet, kind, and easy to talk to. She really cares about her customers, and does just about anything she can to keep them happy.
With new scents and shapes still being added, this order will definitely not be my last. I am a very happy customer.

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