Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall is for...Owls!?

 I love owls, they are probably my favorite animal. But you don't see them much in stores during most of the year. For reasons that are unknown to me, owls seem to be synonymous with the Fall season. Considering they are alive all year long, I don't quite get it.

I was out and about this afternoon, since I had some time to kill before my hair appointment. (I got an amazing haircut today!) While I was wandering around window shopping, I noticed there were a ton of owls everywhere. They were displayed in store windows and sold as dishware, keychains, jewelry, ceramics, and greeting cards.
 So I thought it would be fun to put up a couple of photos of some of the owls I purchased this season.
Owl Tealight Holders.
They had a few different colors in addition to the two I chose. The others were in green or orange. (The same colors on the brown   owl's tummy)

 Owl Jewelry
I never had any owl jewelry before. I was surprised to see that I didn't care for much of what I found. Owls are fashionable this year, apparently so is BIG jewelry. I prefer my pieces to be a little more subtle. They had large pendants, and although I loved the style, I didn't want to look like Mr. T.
Same situation with the earrings. I can't imagine wearing enormous earrings to the office. Out of all the options available I ended up buying 2 sets. The first set are about as big as I like to go. They have lovely detailing, and the pink tummies make them pop.
The second pair is more for everyday type wear. They are smaller, rounder and a solid gold color.
The owl pendant is exactly what I was looking for. The chain is not very pretty, but it's an inexpensive piece so I suppose that's to be expected.
Wax/Oil Burner
My last owl purchase was a tealight oil/wax burner I bought a month or so ago from Bath and Body Works. I like the design a lot, although at first I would have preferred it to be colored. The white ceramic has grown on me and I like that I can put it anywhere and it still looks great. My favorite part about this warmer are the cut outs let the light from the candle shine through.

There were a lot of other items I liked as well, but I only purchased things I thought I would use. I found when it comes to collecting, it's easy to go overboard and end up with a lot of extra stuff.
My tealight holder and warmers are already getting used, and I'm wearing the small pair of  owl earrings right now.
If anyone knows why the Fall season is associated with owls, please let me know. I suppose it doesn't really matter because either way, I am excited for all the owl love. :)

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