Saturday, October 22, 2011

My 1st Delightful Incense Order!

Delightful Incense has been on my list of vendors to try for a long time. One day a couple weeks ago I was looking for an Oak scented tart to play with and blend at home. As luck would have it, Amy (Owner of Delightful Incense) happened to come across my thread on the WAU Facebook page. We got to chatting, and it turns out she was able to order a sample size from her supplier of something she thought I would like.
In the end, the oak turned out to be Apple and Oak, (which I LOVE. If you are curious, you can view my previous blog post about it HERE.) but it was a scent that I had already stock piled. I didn't really want them, because I had so many already. But since she took the time to look around for me, plus I had been wanting to try her product for a while anyway, I placed an order for some other items.
There was one thing I was excited for the most, the Rose Detailed Cup Cake I got in the Birthday Cake scent. (Anyone else notice I've been obsessed with that scent lately?) The entire thing is made of wax, and the rose detailing is beautiful. As I'm sure you can see from the photo it got a little squished on the right side, but that's not Delightful Incense's fault at all. My postman left it on my door step in the sun. (It is certainly cooling down, but Los Angeles still gets a few hot days here and there.) I think he's frustrated with me about all the packages I've been getting lately!

I also ordered some mini pies in fragrances that are old favorites, Pink Sugar, Blue Sugar, and Vanilla Bean Noel.  The fourth pie is in Cake Bake, which is one that's new to me. It is a very almondy cake type, and reminds me of the almond mini muffins that have been a long time favorite in my house.
The pack of mini star shapes is in a scent I've been meaning to try for a while, Toasted Marshmallow! They come six to a pack and look so adorable.

I was also sent a very generous amount of freebies with my order. The paw print is in a scent named Redwood Forest. It's not quite like to oak scents I was looking for originally, but I would have to say it is pretty close. The paw print is a jumbo size, (3 oz I think) so I plan on cutting it in a few pieces and experiment combining it with other scents. I also got Vanilla Waffle Cones in a smoking cauldron shape. A grubby tart in Black Cherry Bomb, as well as Butter Brickle and Pumpkin Apple Butter in standard scalloped tarts.

On top of all those amazing goodies, would you believe she still sent me the tarts in the Apple and Oak scent she got? I placed an order for these other things because A) I wanted to try her products and B) to offset the cost of the fragrance oil she bought for me.
I had assumed she would make them and try them herself, but she actually included them in my package. And not just one or two, but all five! (It's a good thing I love this scent because I have loads of it now LOL) Speaking with her was a pleasure, and her kindness and generosity was incredible. Not to mention her tarts all smell great. Her Apple and Oak is about twice as strong as the Apple and Oak I already had.

If you haven't tried Delightful Incense yet, I highly recommend you do so. This is the kind of vendor that makes small home businesses great.

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