Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Off the Bookshelf; Slim to None!

While there is nothing like having a real paper book in your hand, I am madly in love with the Amazon Kindle. Slim to None is a book I found on the Kindle Book Daily deal. Every day Amazon discounts an e book to either $0.99 or $1.99 for best sellers . Just like a Groupon or Living Social deal.
Slim to None was on the 0.99 list. While normally it wouldn't be a story I would have chosen (or paid full price for) it turned out to be more interesting of a read than I had expected.
The story is based on a fictional woman named Abbie who happens to be the top food critic in New York. She is so good at what she does she is constantly being sent out to the best restaurants in the city. Unfortunately for her, eating for a living has caused a quite a bit of weight gain. She is eventually recognized by all the restaurants in town, therefore blowing her cover. Unable to go incognito, she is pulled off the critiquing circuit and forced to write a column.
Willing to fight for her job she is determined to lose the weight to get back to what she loves the most. Food.
I thought the story was pretty interesting, but on just about everything else I'm divided in my opinions.
While I was intrigued about the story of a real sounding woman struggling with real women's issues (while I am personally not obese, hasn't just about everyone wanted that Victoria's Secret model's flat stomach at one point in time?). I was put off by the constant self loathing, and put downs. (If I heard a woman speak the same way about herself in real life I would be pushing her into counseling fast!) I was hoping for a more positive outlook from the main character, but after page after page of self degradation I found it tiresome.
I did however, really enjoy the writing. Playful banters, play on words, those sorts of things. I enjoyed the way the writer spoke. With one exception. Abbie is a food critic, and she loves food. A lot. I get it. When another character says a word in any way food related, or  rhymes with something food related, Abbie goes on a tangent about whatever delectable dish that comes to mind. I found the first few food references interesting, but when it got to the point she describes her eyes the color of brown gravy, I couldn't help rolling my own eyes in response.

Jenny Gardiner
What does a fictional book about a food critic trying to lose weight need most of all? Recipes! Oddly enough, there are recipes in between most of the chapters. And not just any ol' recipes. They are some how connected with the portion of the story you just completed. She bakes a banana cream pie for her boss, and right there, smack dab in the middle of my book, a banana cream pie recipe!

Without giving the ending away, a lot of bad stuff happens, the main character hits rock bottom, and a happy ending! If you are looking for an interesting read, it's definitely worth it if you can find a good deal. I feel like I got my 99 cents worth, even for recipes alone if I ended up hating the book.


  1. The book 'Queen of the road' (not sure who it's by off the top of my head) did the same thing-except with martini recipes. I really did like that book too for the story as well as the recipes!

  2. I'm part way through the book. I may not finish it. It remind me of the great movie, WAITRESS, tho. I'll probably just watch that again. The pie "recipes" are hilarious. (Sarah, thanks for the QotR mention, I'll look that one up.)