Monday, November 14, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Iced Lemon Cookies!

My Box-O-Tarts must be a rough neighborhood!

I wasn't planning on writing anything tonight, but this scent has "wowed" me so much I managed to get myself off the couch. My husband is on a business trip for the moment, and my big plans for the evening were to watch Housewives while eating some Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.
I feel a little bad I smooshed his face
During a commercial break, I was rifling around my Box-O-Tarts looking for something sweet, yet different. I ended up deciding on Iced Lemon Cookies
This tart is from Wahm's Scented Wax in an adorable yellow Troll doll shape. I believe this is one of Wahm's most popular scents. It's because of this, and the glowing recommendations I've heard from both Julie and many of her other customers, that I ended up purchasing it.
I will admit, I was a bit spooked about the "Lemon" in the Iced Lemon Cookies. I don't usually buy lemon scents because they often remind me of cleaning products. But tonight was the night, I was ready to take the lemony plunge. So I find him, and he looks a little worse for wear.  He's been rattling around my Box-O-Tarts for a few months and has gotten smooshed and decapitated. This poor little guy has had it rough!

So now that I have finally given him a try, I am glad to say there is no cleanser here. This little guy, although now in a warm puddle in the bottom of my electric warmer, packs an amazing punch. Sweet and creamy with just a bit of zing, I can smell this enticing aroma in multiple rooms of my apartment.  Which leaves me wondering to myself, why the heck have I not tried this scent sooner?!?!
 I'm breaking out of the box one scent at a time. Thank you Wahm's!
He's not quite as cute now, but he smells even better!

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