Sunday, November 13, 2011

Will it blend? Pink Sugar and Sunflowers!

Welcome to my second edition of "Will it Blend'! Just about everyone loves Pink Sugar, and it is arguably one of the most mixed scents out there. With good reason too, PS makes just about everything smell amazing. But what about putting it together with things that are a little out of the norm? Last time I blended Pink Sugar and Spiced Cranberry, so now I wanted to try something a little different. I decided on blending Pink Sugar with Sunflowers.  
Sunflowers isn't your run of the mill floral. This is a Elizabeth Arden type from Briar Rose Soy Candles. Briar Rose describes Sunflowers as ": Sunflowers* Elizabeth Arden type (women) A refined, aquatic fragrance. Contains a blend of fruity, fresh florals. It is recommended for evening wear." 
My Pink Sugar from Wahm's
The Elizabeth Arden Website says; "Sunflowers symbolizes the sun, capturing its goodness, naturalness and energy."
I have never tried the perfume, but the tarts smell like a lighter sweeter version of "Butterfly Flower" from Bath and Body Works (Which has recently been discontinued). It's a soft fruity floral that I like more than I thought I would. I'm a little surprised that more vendors don't carry this scent, as it seems like one that could become popular.

So does it blend? Absolutely! What I like about this combination (as opposed to my previous one), is that it mixes almost evenly. One isn't overpowered by the other. Sunflowers and Pink Sugar are similar in that they are both sweet scents, but it's a different kind of sweet. PS is a cotton candy type and Sunflowers is more of a citrusy floral. The combination works, as the cotton candy notes mix in so well. It adds an extra dimension to an already complex scent.

The only downside is that perhaps it's a bit too complex now. It's not well defined and can be a bit confusing to the nose. Every time I go out of the room, it smells a bit different when I return. Floral, Sweet, Fruity, then back again. 
If your not into perfumey types this may not be for you, but it is soft and sweet enough that it may change a few minds.

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