Wednesday, February 15, 2012


                                It has been a long three months, and I'm so excited to have tarts again. Three boxes full of scented goodness arrived over two days. The first box was from Crabby Candle. I've been a part of their monthly tester group for a while, and Rebecca (owner) was nice enough to hold onto my packages until I was able to have them shipped. Because of the amount of time it took to move and get settled, I got January and February's testers together. Double the goodness!
From the top, left to right
Intrigue, Sweet Jasmine, Pink Amber, Adam & Eve, Fuzzy Navel, Pink Sugar, Melon Cream, Cherry Pez, Cherry Cola, Twilight Woods, Orange Peach Marmalade, Creamsicle, Blue Sugar, Summer Lovin', Cacoa de Mint, Blue Raspberry Bubblegum, Ginger Lime, Butterfly Garden, Hawaiian Breeze laundry soap, Passionate Kisses, Vanilla Cardamom, and Salty Dog. (Blue Sugar wasn't in the tester boxes, I added it onto my order because I love it so much)

The second order was from Haley Candles and arrived in two packages. Haley Candles is a vendor that I haven't tried before. Some friends in my wax group mentioned her great prices and cute products, so I couldn't resist. I sent the owner a quick message making sure it would be okay to place an order (international shipping is lame).  I really appreciate that she was willing to help me find the best shipping option. 
As a side note shipping makes no sense sometimes. I can pay 15 dollars for a small box, or 48 dollars for a medium box. So obviously, to save 18 dollars we shipped the order in two small boxes.
This is a photo of the first box.

From the top, left to right
Pink Sugar Cookie Loaf, Zucchini Bread Toast, Zucchini Bread Cups, Pink Sugar Loaf, and Fluffy Pink Cake Pieces.

The second box came the next day. As you can see from the photo I couldn't wait to try out the Vanilla Pumpkin Pie.

From the top, left to right
Buttercream Loaf, Vanilla Pumpkin Pie Loaf, Red Velvet Cake Loaf, Birthday Cake Cake Pieces, and a Birthday Cake Cup.

Crabby Candle Co has been a favorite vendor of mine for a while now, so it goes to say I highly recommend them. Haley Candles is new to me, so I'll go into more details as I try more of their product. I will say though, that these scents were so strong I could smell them through the box when they arrived.

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