Sunday, February 5, 2012

Life in Australia 02/06/11

The novelty of living in a new country is starting to wear, and it now feels more like home. That being said, I've never felt more like a foreigner. Even more so, considering we live in a very Chinese neighborhood. (Ironic we moved across the world to Australia and we get more of asian culture than an Australian one)  At least when living in England we had the comfort of 3 Air Force Bases close by and the community they provided.
We're getting more used to the higher cost of living here, and are increasingly thankful for the housing allowance provided by Tyler's employers. The prices of rent in Australia makes real estate in California feel like a bargain.
Amazingly, we save more on groceries here than we ever did back home even when you add in the coupon savings. The trick? Just about everything is made from scratch. No mixes, no prepacked items. The tradeoff for cost is time, but I am in a position where that isn't an issue anymore. I find that cooking is more rewarding this way as well. Everything that comes out of my kitchen is all me. Not every recipe has been a success but that's to be expected.

I miss my country more than I thought I would have, but in exchange we have an opportunity to save that we would have had otherwise. If we continue on our current path, not only will we be able to pay off all our debts (no credit card debt, but student loans and the like) we should have a sizable down payment on a home as well.
Overall we are very happy, but I admit I am doing a countdown to when I can come home to my country, my family/friends and my kitty. One month down!
Raspberry Flavored Candy Mushrooms?!?
I saw this in the grocery store today. I picked it up because it tickled me. Yeah its candy, but what would possess them to make Raspberry Flavored gummy mushrooms? The picture is kind of cute too.


  1. Hi, Good to know you are adjusting to life in australia and its kind of interesting that there is asian influence there lol. Are ther a lot of foreigners?

  2. It's just the particular neighborhood we live in.