Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day Soap from Lush; Sweetheart.

Full slab from
              Valentine's Day will soon be upon us! Where does all the time go? About  a week ago I saw that my local Lush store was selling a special limited edition soap. At $5.95 (that's Australian Dollars) per 100g, it was a little expensive for my taste. However, Valentines Day comes around only once a why not?

White and pink, my little chunk almost looks like a fat piece of cake. While it's cute in it's own little way, the full slab is much cuter. The heart image and text is lost when cut into smaller pieces, and would be unrecognizable if given as a gift. Perhaps it would have been better if it was sold as individual bars with the design intact.

Slab cut into pieces.
  As far as smell goes...this is likely the sweetest bar of soap to have ever existed. I'm fairly certain I got a touch of diabetes on the aroma alone. I almost declined to purchase it, but curiosity got the best of me.

Lush describes their product as "Shaped like a giant love heart, say it with soap this Valentine's Day and buy a chunk for your sweetheart."
Scent description; "A sensual blend of jasmine, mandarin, and vanilla to gently inflame the passions and get things moving in the right direction."

As a soap, this bar is amazing. It's moisturizing, and lathers beautifully. The scent is much better on the skin. It mellow to tolerably sweet levels, with a faint underlying notes of floral (likely the Jasmine).

My chunk of "Sweetheart"
While I don't regret my purchase, I will not likely be getting another next year.

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