Monday, September 26, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Apples and Oak!

Tonight I am melting a new scent, from a new vendor Briar Rose Soy Candles. Briar Rose posted an ad some months ago about a special deal they had online. It was similar Groupon, at $20 for $50 worth of product. It was a screaming deal! I decided to wait until after I moved as a housewarming gift to myself. I got in touch with Leah Cass King the owner of Briar Rose and asked for a large sampling of her products. She sent out my box quickly, and I certainly got what I asked for! I have tons of tart double packs, clamshells, and a couple of candles as well.  Her prices are very reasonable and $50 will buy quite a lot. She even sent them out just a couple days before her wedding. I couldn't imagine taking time out of such a stressful schedule to do that!
I like the bit of paper covering the soy tart

So now I have a lot of scents to choose from, but there was one that stuck out above the rest. Apples and Oak. This scent came as a double pack of tarts. As an added touch, I noticed she has a thin film of paper over the top of each. With 100% soy, it is a brilliant idea. Soy gets a little mooshy easier than paraffin, and this way I don't get soy smoosh on the inside of the plastic baggy.

Anywho, Apples and Oak caught my eye and I had to melt it first. Briar Rose describes this scent as " A truly complex fragrance blend of McIntosh and Granny Smith apples, with notes of woodsy fresh oak leaves and oakmoss."
I never thought I would like a scent with oak in it, but I do. The apple top notes are exactly as you would expect. Crisp, full bodied and sweet. But the oak is so hard to describe. If I were blindfolded, and didn't know the name of the scent, I would have no idea it had wood notes. The best way to describe it is to say it "grounds" the apple scent, as it keeps it from being overly sweet.

If I have said it once, I've said it a thousand times, I love samplers!  Even if you don't fall in love with every scent, often enough you will find something new. Apples and Oak is not a scent I would have purchased, but I certainly will now! I will be looking out for other scents with oak too, and hopefully I will like those as much.

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