Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale June 2011

I am so stoked about my trip to B&BW today. I have been purposely waiting for the items I wanted to go from 50% off to 75% off.
The main reason for my trip was Butterfly Flower. I am so sad to see this discontinued. I bought a couple extra I intend to use as a gift for a friend who also loves this scent as much as I do. She might read this at some point, so she shall remain nameless, although I'm sure she probably knows who she is.
Black Amethyst I purchased because they (I'm 90% sure) are discontinuing the bubble bath and shower cream. This scent I'm a bit on the fence about. One minute it seems really nice, then other times it seems a bit....ahem...mature. Not "I'm a grown up mature", more like for the age group that probably doesn't shop at Bath and Body works, the ones that might have distant memories of World War II.

It's a little like an old lady smell! (geez, now I feel a little guilty). I secretly think its still around because Camille McDonald is a fan.
ANYWAY, I use it occasionally because its a nice change of pace and it was in the 75% off bin.

I grabbed 2 Twilight Woods shower gels. It's on sale because the Spring Packaging is getting phased out. Personally I think the spring packaging is kinda..bleh. I'm actually considering pouring the gel into my regularly packaged bottle.
But then, whats in a label anyway? Of all the superficial reasons to not like something, its probably the superficialist. (Lol, that's not really a word). TW makes for a great bedtime scent, so I'm rather pleased I found some.

A vanilla bliss hand soap, because it turns out I have a budding love for all vanilla scents.

And last but not least a night blooming jasmine shower gel. Surprisingly at $3 the most expensive out of the bunch. It's a classic, and is rarely in stores. It is always available online, but the shipping charges are a bit too high for me, so I wanted to get it in store while I could.
Normally we would balk at me getting so much at one time (we're thrifty folk), but at $2 and some change a piece with a $10 off coupon I made out like a bandit.
Used my piggy money like a pro. (I have a piggy bank all my spare change goes into. Cashed him out for the SAS)
 Piggy's kind of hungry. Have to start saving my pennies for the next SAS. :)


  1. nice haul!!! Im not a fan, at all, of butterfly flower but I do LOVE Twilight woods and you better believe I totally stocked up. I still have some, I didn't NEED any at all but at 75% off I couldn't just pass it up!
    I also got some Sensual Amber Triple Moisture shower cream at 75% off, Im going to my other store tomorrow to make (hopefully) my last trip of the SAS. I have a few things to get for a friend, they have Dancing waters and she really likes that one but cant make it to that store, and i want to pick up a few more things including some wall flower packs.

  2. I didn't see ANY Sensual Amber at my SAS. It seems like so much of what you are going to find is luck.
    I will probably make one more trip, I have my fingers crossed I will come across at least one more treasure before the sale ends.
    The 2 pack for 5 bucks is a pretty good deal, I grabbed a bunch last week.

  3. The candle in the picture is the aromatherapy Vanilla Verbena and it was 50% off, but ive been wanting it for awhile so i just grabbed it. I got some of the wall flowers in it too, I love it.

    I am going back today to see what else I can grab. Im going to try to make this my last trip!!