Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Fresh Linen!

Sunday is laundry day, so I thought melting a Fresh Linen tart would be fitting. I purchased it from Can-Do-Candles.
The most exciting thing about Can-Do is that she offers samplers. I personally, love love love sampler packs. I wish more sellers offered them. I'm fairly new to the candle/wax/tart market and I want to try a little of everything.
offers 4 different sampler sets, Fresh, Bakery, Fruit Stand and Tropical.

I ordered the Fresh Sampler Sack and a pack of 6 in a single scent. Each tart is in its own individual baggy. Which is great for the sampler tarts since I only got 1 of each. For the pack of 6 I received I think I would have preferred if they had all been stored together. After living in Oregon (the green capital of the country), it bugs me a little to see wasted plastic.
I also like to melt each tart at least twice, and not always consecutively. After the tart has been melted, the little baggy is too small to use as storage.
As for the tarts themselves, I have been very pleased with each one I have melted. Fresh Linen started off with a huge burst of fragrance. I almost considered moving it to a wider area in the room, but shortly after it calmed down. It's been melting at least an hour now and I can still smell it headache free.
 Fresh Linen
Pros; Nice strong scent. Smells exactly like expected
Cons; Can start off TOO strong
Overall rating; 9/10

Can-Do-Candles is owned by Donna. She responds to questions quickly and is quite a pleasure to speak with. I look forward to buying from her again.

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