Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Buttercream!

If you have never tried Kim's Tarts before, I highly recommend her.  She sells her tarts for $1.50 for a bag of three. Approximately an ounce a piece.
Her website is one of the easier ones to navigate. She has a cute thumbnail photo and description by each one. (I get incredibly annoyed by website that make you go to a separate area to view scent descriptions). I had a question for her, and she replied quickly and was very nice.

As for the tart itself its a cute scallop shape with a light tan color. (She colors them according to scent). When I use my tart burner I melt one, when I use my electric warmer, I toss in all three. I have the warmer in my living room which is fairly large. I'm pleased to say it is scenting the whole room. (Unlike a certain Yankee candle...AHEM)
Its strong enough that I can smell it very well, but not so strong it gives me a headache. I've actually melted this one a couple times, and the scent is still noticeable. 
Pros; great scent throw, long lasting, good value.
Cons; I wish I had bought more.

For me personally, I give it 10/10
It's exactly what I wanted, and exceeded my expectations with the throw.

 Her website is

I am not affiliated with Kim's Tart's in any way. I am just a happy customer. :)

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