Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vanilla Satin

I don't buy from Yankee Candle very much. They are big and expensive. To be honest, privately owned sellers can make candles and tarts just as good (And often times even better!) at a fraction of the price.  I was poking around in Yankee last weekend, looking to see if there were any good deals for their Semi-Annual Sale. I bought Warm Sugar and Ocean Water off the sale table, and at checkout received a coupon for $10 off their new fall scents that just debuted.
I've been really into Vanilla scents lately and Vanilla Satin quickly caught my eye. Yankee describes this scent as " Sophisticated. Classic. A smooth blend of rich vanilla, romantic flowers and sensuous sandalwood".
It had my three favorite components. Vanilla, Floral and Sandalwood! Thrilled, I took my treasure home.
It burns nicely but I couldn't smell much from it. As a test, I set it on the counter top in my bathroom for about half an hour. The scent is lovely. I would consider it an even mix of Sandalwood and Vanilla, with maybe just a hint of flowers.
So I conducted part 2 of my test. I set the candle back on my desk, and the scent was lost.  Bummer! It's a good quality candle, but the throw is just too light for the size of my living room. Sad considering its 22 ounces.
By comparison 3 of Kim's Tart's Buttercream in my tart warmer scented the whole room like crazy. 1 Fresh Linen Tart from Can-Do had almost the same effect.
Disappointed in Vanilla Satin to say the least.

Pros; Burns Great. Awesome scent, one of my favorites already.
Cons; Very Light throw for a 22 ounce candle.
Overall; 7.5/10 This may end up being a "bathroom" candle, because that's the only place I can smell it.

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