Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today's Meal Attempt.

For those of you who don't know... I'm cheap. Very Cheap.
 My mother and I used to have this joke, She would say "You squeeze George so hard Martha gets jealous." (Referring to Mr. George Washington on the 1 dollar bill) She's right of course, as many mother's are. You will find me eagerly clipping coupons every Sunday morning, and I would never go to the grocery store without my trusty coupon notebook. (Sacrilege!)

Anywho, I had some leftover beef broth from a pot roast a made a couple days prior. In the pursuit of thriftyness I did a recipe search of what could be made with the left over said broth, and the idea for French Onion Soup was born.
Seemed easy enough, so I ran to the grocery and bought a couple onions. The first I chopped finely, and the other I sliced into larger pieces. Which is meant to make for a more interesting texture (Thanks to my dear old Dad for the idea). I browned the onions in a pan, added to the slow cooker, then the broth and a dash of Worcestershire sauce.

I didn't have oven proof bowls to broil a bit of cheese on top, (which is traditional).
Unfortunately I might have cooked it a bit too long, as the onions were a little more soft than I had intended.

Also, I purposely left a few meaty bits from the pot roast I made, although it is not traditional I thought it would make it a bit more hearty.

Paired nicely with a French Baguette with Boursin Cheese.
Sadly, it looks a little like vomit, but it made for a hearty meal. I am certainly glad I have leftovers :)

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