Sunday, June 26, 2011

Breakfast Potato Brunch 06/26/11

I've always loved potatoes and bacon, so putting them together is a combination made in delicious artery clogging heaven. I'm not a health guru in any way, but most of the time I try to eat responsibly.

Sundays however, is like the "Free Space" of my week. I eat whatever I please, no guilt allowed!

So I bring to you an easy, delicious, and terribly unhealthy Breakfast Potato Recipe.

1) Chop potatoes (I used 1 since it was just me) into even sized pieces

2) Fry 1 to 2 strips of bacon in a pan until crisp. (add more in accordance with the number of potatoes)

3) Take the bacon out of the pan, and slowly add potatoes. (Careful! I got a nasty oil burn because I   tossed them in too quickly)

4) Cook over medium heat until browned and tender all the way through.

5)Crumbed and add bacon. Top with cheddar cheese.

Spices I like to add; Onion powder, Garlic salt, and a dash Cayenne pepper

Good additions are Chopped onions, Chopped peppers, Chopped ham

From my kitchen to yours.

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