Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Night in my Warmer; Mountain Mist!

I started blogging about Mountain Mist last night, but went to bed early and didn't get to finish. I enjoyed this scent so much, I started remelting it as soon as I got home from work. Because I had to finish this post. :)

Mountain Mist is a scent I got from a tart swap. It is a 3 ounce clamshell made by Aroma with Altitude, owned by Wendy Wheatley Gordon. Her main focus is local customers and fairs, but she is available by email at She is super sweet, and if you are curious about trying her product, I'm sure she wouldn't mind sending you a list of her current inventory.
  This wax has such an enormous amount of scent packed into it, I was able to melt 1 cube in my smaller burner. (I love my owl, but it doesn't a whole lot of use)
Mountain Mist is fresh, clean and slightly masculine.

The fresh notes are a water/ozone type. It is a very bright scent, and seems almost citrusy. The masculine undertone may be an earthy note. I don't think it's Patchouli, possibly a wood type. It may be the name of the scent in my mind, but I can totally imagine a refreshing rain on a squeaky clean mountain top.
I would consider the tart swap a success based on the discovery of this scent alone. Wendy suggested it, and boy does she have me pegged. :)

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