Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Bonfire Bliss!

I've been craving a marshmallow type scent today, so I started to rummage through my Box-O-Tarts and came across Bonfire Bliss. This scent comes in a 2 ounce cup from Crabby Candle Co.
Crabby is a vendor I purchase from quite a bit, and I want to say this came in one of the sampler boxes, but I kind of mixed them all together so I can't remember for sure. (Sorry!) I don't think it is currently listed on the website, but if she has any of the scent left I'm sure she would make some. She's really good about working with people about special orders and such.
 Anywho, I'm not quite sure why marshmallow seems like a Fall scent to me, but it does. I find the sweet familiar scent comforting, and Bonfire Bliss does that, with a twist!

Ive never been camping, or every actually had a bonfire, but I would like to one day. And when I do, I hope it smells like this. Sure, you got your classic marshmallow, but there are a couple other scents swirling around in there. One is some sort of wood scent, perhaps a cedar, or pine. I kind of get that hint of "evergreen", so I wouldn't say a sandalwood type at all. (The woodsy note is definitely secondary to the marshmallows. I think it just adds an extra layer of depth, because this is not a strong wood scent at all.)

The last thing in Bonfire Bliss is harder to place, perhaps a very faint hint of smoke. I think anyway. Sometimes its hard to tell if that's what I really smell, or if that just what I think I smell.

Which is actually a very interesting topic that I would perhaps like to delve into at some point in the future. I was chatting with someone the other day and we got around to talking about how the names of scents can actually alter our opinions. 
I don't have a scent description to work off of, so I'll have to ask the "Crabby Lady" (LOL I hope she doesn't mind if I call her that!!) for a description. I would love to know how accurate my nose is, or how persuasive my mind is.

Either way, my brain is telling me my living room smells like marshmallows melting over a crackling fire, and by golly that's good enough for me!

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  1. I feel like I'm torturing you with the lack of scent descriptions- I'm so sorry! lol Although I will say, it's SO cool to watch you 'nose out' all the different scents, and you definitely have a great sniffer! :-)
    It IS a s'mores base, with charred pine and cedar, amber, and the 'smoky' comes from sandalwood.
    Spot on Nicole- fantastic job!
    (And Crabby lady is just fine- I've been called a whole lot worse before. lol!)