Monday, September 12, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Blackberry Bread!

Blackberry Bread was a tart that came in a "Bread Basket" sampler pack from Front Porch Candle Co. Front Porch has an enormous scent list to choose from, a great choice of sampler packs, and surprisingly, free shipping all the time.
I know for many vendors that financially, free shipping couldn't even be an option. I completely understand, especially considering that shipping costs would come directly out of their pockets. But with shipping rates constantly on the rise, you have to admit its a pretty enticing incentive.

Scents like Blackberry Bread are the entire reason I love sampler packs so much. Unlike many tart lovers, I'm pretty reserved on Bakery scents. I have tried quite a few, and many of them I disliked. That may be partially due to trying bakery in the fall, when cinnamon is so abundant. I'm one of the very few cinnamon haters. (As my husband will attest to every time we pass a Cinnbon at the mall.)

To be completely honest with you, this is not a scent I would have ever purchased on my own. Artificial berry scents tend to turn me off, or remind me of grape medicine I was forced to take as a child. This Summer, Slatkin & Co featured a candle named Summer Berries. So many people raved about it, but all I could smell was sugary Grape Flavored Bubble Gum. (Blech!)

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Blackberry Bread from Front Porch was nothing like that. The blackberry scent was far less artificial than I had expected, and as an added bonus, the warm yeasty bread undertones really rounded out the fragrance. The berries are strong, but don't completely over power the rest of the fragrance.
I'm so glad I buy sampler packs. Blackberry Bread is probably the first Bakery type that I have enjoyed that wasn't plain Cake or Sugar Cookies, and I never would have purchased it otherwise.
Front Porch Candle Co's tarts are of the greatest quality. All of the wax I have melted from them have had great throw and lasted a long time. I highly recommend them.

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