Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer Chestnuts and Brown Sugar!

Tonight I decided to melt Chestnuts and Brown Sugar from Front Porch Candle Co. This tart came in one of my sampler bags. I love the adorable mini donut shape.

I found Chestnuts and Brown Sugar interesting because I don't really know what a Chestnut would smell like as a scent. Brown Sugar is pretty basic, but seemed like an interesting combination.

Chestnuts and Brown Sugar is a great scent to melt and smell, but a horrible scent to write about. For some reason I am unable to wrap my brain around the appropriate adjectives to describe it. Brown Sugar is of course sweet, warm, and wonderful. But the chestnuts, now that is infinitely more complicated. It's subtle, and I wouldn't call it nutty. It almost seems like a brown sugar and bread scent, but without the yeasty undertones.

This scent has something to like for everyone. It's sweet enough to pass as a bakery type, it's easy enough on the nose for any one to love.
I would consider this a great substitute for people who have a hard time with cinnamon. Which also makes it a great choice for fall!

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