Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Crazy Candy Corn!

Hooray! My order from Country Home Scents arrived today! Ever since I had seen pictures of Country Home's tarts on the Wax Addicts United Page I couldn't get them out of my mind. Each tart is like a miniature work of art. I appreciate the workmanship and the care that went into every melt I received. Bedecked in glitter, sprinkles, marshmallows, gumballs, popcorn, and much more (even a cute little bumblebee)! They are almost too beautiful to melt. Almost.

Look how beautiful!
So tonight, I wanted to try a scent I never had before. Crazy Candy Corn! Autumn seasonal scents are pretty tough for a gal that doesn't care for cinnamon and spice. So instead I take refuge in sweet scents like marshmallow, vanillas, and apple. I really like Candy Corn (the actually candy), so I picked this tart first, thinking it would perhaps become a scent I would really enjoy.

And boy was I right! Before I start gushing about how much I love the smell. Look at it, this is adorable! It's colored orange with lots of glitter and an actual piece of candy corn stuck on the top. I'm not sure if I was supposed to take it off, but I figured it wouldn't hurt anything so I left it on. It looks like its starting to melt a bit (after a few hours) but the candy is holding it's shape quite well.
I left the Candy Corn in the wax.
As for the scent, I am loving it! If I were blindfolded, I would probably be able to guess it was a sweet treat type of scent, but not specifically that its Candy Corn (I haven't smelled candy corn since last Halloween). It's soft, sweet, and the throw is pretty good too. If your looking for an amazing fall or Halloween scent, try Crazy Candy Corn, because it is absolutely wonderful.

 Now I wish I had some real candy corn. (That's okay though because it's very likely  that some will make its way into my house very soon).

 I'm glad I ordered one of the larger sampler packs, I have many more beautiful tarts to play with.  
My entire order!

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