Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Cannoli!

Real Cannolis.
 Tonight I am melting a completely wax cannoli from Sweet Light Candle Co. I got my first "taste" of Sweet Light when they were offering free samples on their Facebook page. They sent me a mini muffin melt in Banana Nut scent.
Sweet Light specializes in handmade dessert candles. Muffins, Cookies, Cupcakes, Cannolis, and Cinnamon Buns are just a few options that are available from their wax "bakery". Looking through the photos is a little disorienting because it all looks so real. 

Sweet Light Cannoli
I loved the sample they sent so much I decided to place an order as a housewarming gift to myself. :)

I just received my package last night, and I had trouble deciding which to melt first. Everything arrived so beautifully. The cannolis were boxed, the individual cookie melts were bagged, and the mini cupcakes had their own plastic container, each tied with its own ribbon.

Mini Birthday Cake Cupcakes
I got a set of three mini cupcake melts in the Birthday Cake scent, and the detailing on the cupcakes are amazing. The bottom portion is pink and ridged like a real cupcake. The tops are textured as if it were really frosted, with a coating of a generous amount of multicolored sprinkles. Sweet Light describes this scent as "Warm vanilla birthday cake topped with sweet butter cream frosting" .
 Exactly what I wanted (yay!), I'll probably be melting these next. :)

Mini Wax Cookie Melts
I love miniature things. When I saw that they had wax melts in the shape of miniature cookies I was interested in giving them a try. I ordered a bag each of Cookie Dough and Sugar Cookie. Cookie Dough is written as "Warm baked cookie dough with hints of sweet vanilla" and Sugar cookie is "Warm vanilla sugar cookie dough" The photos make them look the same, but I am curious if they will smell the same as well. It's hard to smell the difference cold, I suspect this is a fragrance that doesn't release it's full potential until it melts. I will probably melt them in different rooms at the same time and to a comparison. 
Is this from a bakery?

Last but certainly not least are the cannolis!
For some people who may not know what they are, Cannolis are Italian pastry desserts. The shells are fried and crispy pastry dough. Inside is a sweet, creamy filling that usually contains ricotta (but not always). Like all pastries there are tons of different additions and variations, such as powdered sugar, chocolate chips, fruit ect ect.

In the box.
I love that they came in a box with ribbon. It was almost like I got treats from a real bakery, and they are big. The dimensions are posted on the website, but I'm pretty horrible at visualization and was pleasantly surprised to see the size of them. I took a picture with a 2 ounce tart as a size reference. I tried to see if it would fit in my electric warmer, which it would not.
I would probably recommend cutting it and melting it a few pieces at a time.

For size reference.
These are solid wax too, they are not hollow. Out of all the things I love about the looks of the cannoli, I am most impressed by the texturing on the sides. The shell looks as if it was actually fried with the bubbles and flaky bits on the outside. The cream filling looks fluffy, with real looking chocolate chips smooshed on each side. 
The cold scent is sweet but not nearly as impressive as how it smell after it has melted. Sweet Light Candle Co describes the scent as " A blend of sugar cookie dough and a chocolate chip cookie." I have to say, it's quite accurate. It's cookie sweet, with just a hint of chocolate. The throw is pretty impressive, even for my electric warmer. 

My whole order.
Sweet Light Candle Co has perfected the marriage between aesthetics and scent. Although I would use scallops and clamshell types tarts for every day use, these wax confections are lovely for special occasions and gifts. And hey, think of all the calories you save with  a wax cupcake instead of a real one!


  1. It's incredible how real everything looks!

  2. I know! It's almost eerie. The smell is incredible too. :)

  3. I love the realness of the wax. Very cute.