Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Caramel Apple!

 I was in the mood for a Fall fragrance this evening. I don't care for cinnamon, and wasn't in the mood for pumpkin, so an apple scent seemed to be the next logical choice. Looking through my stash, I found Caramel Apple from Candles By Victoria.
Apple scents don't seem to get as nearly as much attention as other Fall types, but for me, it's perfect. Usually around this time of year my husband and I would go to the Oregon State Fair ( Although I think there is a fair around here in California that we haven't been to yet). 
While we try to stay away from the deep fried fare (which I'm sure our arteries will thank us for), we usually succumb to some of the more sweeter delights they have to offer (much to the dismay of our sugar levels) . Usually in the form of cotton candy for me, and caramel apples for him. While I don't care the for taste much, I go bananas for the smell. (Just like coffee...isn't that strange?)
We also buy candy apples when we visit Seattle. There is a  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory usually within walking distance from where we stay. They have at least a half dozen different varieties of Candy Apples to choose from. (my husband's favorite is usually the Caramel Apple that is also topped with Oreo pieces).

Whenever I smell a scent like this, it brings back the warmth and comfort of so many sweet memories. Caramel Apple from Candles by Victoria perfectly captures the experience.
Smelling this tart cold, it seems almost like a straight apple scent.  I would definitely consider this to be a red apple type, as it is not super tart like the green varieties. The sweet caramel undertones are released as it melts, and adds quite a bit of warmth and depth to the fruity aroma.
Caramel Apple is probably one of the strongest tarts I have melted in a while. The throw on it is incredible, I could smell it all the way up in my loft!

I don't know about most people, but for me Caramel Apple is one of my favorite go to Fall scents. It is the perfect blend of fruity and sweet. The combination of a crisp apple, and warm caramel is amazing. And in my opinion, there is nothing like it!

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