Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bath and Bodyworks Review; Halloween Edition Lotions!

 I've had these lotions for about a week now. I wanted to smell each of them before I wrote up a blog post of my opinions. Haven't really been much of a fan of Bath & Body Work's seasonal collections this year, and was pleasantly surprised by the Halloween scents. So from least favorite to most;

Scream-a-Colada. Did not purchase due to protest. I am offically boycotting Coconut scents for a while.   B&BW has gone way over board with the coconut scents this year. (The entire coconut collection, Hawaii Coconut, creamy coconut, coconut lime breeze, exotic coconut, vanilla coconut ect.) Coconuts are okay, but after this year I'm a little sick of it.

Plum Potions is the scent I thought i would like the most, but ended up liking the least.  It is described as "an enticing blend sweet plum, blood orange and black raspberry" When you first put it on, the berries and plum are the foremost notes. Unfortunatly I think it has a slight medicinal tone to it. It is a bit nicer when it dries down, but has a tang I'm not fond of. It's almost like a darker version of berry vanilla, or slightly similar to midnight pomegranate. Although I do love the packaging! The purple sparklies go great with the black bottle.

Spider Cider; is written as "an intoxicating blend of juicy red berries, mouthwatering lemon and black sugar" I don't get any lemon off of Spider Cider. This scent is incredibly sweet, and is almost indistinguishable from orange Pez, or Starburst. After the burst of orange, the berries are secondary.  Which I thought was unusal. Isn't Cider made from apples? With "Cider" in the name, I was expecting something a little heavier or spicy. It's not necessarily a bad scent, but I don't think it matches the name at all.
Although the packaging is fun! It has spiderwebs and a splat that says "Made With Real Spiders"!   

 Black Candy Apple; the Bath and Body Work's website says this scent is "a tempting blend of juicy apple, caramelized sugar and irresistible vanilla" As with Plum Potions, I love the sparkly label! The description is right on. It smells like a sweet candy apple, with the vanilla being subtle but supportive. It isn't a tart apple at all. It is sweet, but not sticky sweet like the citrus collection, it has darker undertones. At first I was leery when I received the bottle, but was pleasantly surprised when I found out it smells much better on the skin than in the bottle. I think I even like the dry down a little better than the initial burst of fragrance (although that's good too!).

Wicked Spiced Pumpkin is described as  "white pumpkin, fresh ginger and whipped vanilla musk" I really liked this one a lot more than I thought I would. It is warm and spicy, and reminds me of  my favorite snack at Starbucks. Pumpkin Loaf! It is the least sweet of the lotions, it's a much more mature scent than the others, but is well rounded by the vanilla. As a personal note I was quite pleased that there is no cinnamon scent! Cinnamon as a home fragrance is okay, but I'm not a fan of having it on my skin. In many scents, cinnamon and pumpkin go together hand in hand. It was refreshing to have a savory and spicy type fragrance that doesn't make me feel like a dessert.

Sinful Vanilla was my favorite of all the Halloween scents. Described as " an indulgent blend of vanilla bean, whipped marshmallow and vanilla cream" If you have read any of my previous reviews you probably know how obsessed with vanilla I am. But this vanilla is a little darker than the others. It's creamier than Warm Vanilla Sugar, but not super sticky candy sweet. The dry down for Sinful Vanilla lasts a lot longer than almost any other vanilla scent I have tried. It smells a bit musky and slight perfumey.
I know for many people that's a bit of a turn off, but it's right up my alley.

I know the Halloween scents are only seasonal, but I hope they repackage and continued with at least some of them. These are much better than the other collections this year. While some of the scents from this year seemed a bit rushed and slapdash, I feel as though the Halloween Collection got a lot of thought and love. Kudos to you B&BW, these are wonderful!
Made With Real Spiders


  1. Its nice to have something with pumpkin that doesn't have cinnamon. I know how you feel about cinnamon lol.

    And made with real spiders? You know how I feel about that.

  2. But, but, but... it says Spider Cider, not Apple Cider. Cider in itself doesn't necessarily mean it is made from apples, it could be any other fermented fruit, even though apples are clearly the most known and common.

    THANK YOU so much for doing this review! I appreciate all of your helpful information! I was leery about the Candy Apple and Vanilla, but now based on what you said, I can't wait to try them both out! Thanks!

  3. That's a good point. I've only heard of apple cider but other types of cider must exist. Although I will say spider cider smells like candy!

  4. Well... The kids at the daycare I used to work at made homemade pearsauce, remembering this inspired me to google pear cider when saying the ^above^. The pearsauce was delish, and pear cider sounds yummy. lol I seriously can't wait to try them out on Saturday at the Fragrance Event, however I am addicted to coconut so I will be sampling that one too. ;) Thanks again for your in depth review!

  5. Pear Cider sounds interesting. Maybe I should see if I could find some. :)
    If you have a moment after the fragrance event, come back and leave another comment about what you thought about them. I'm curious if your impression will be the same as mine. :)

  6. Well, google found a brand. I ought to see if they sell it near me, haha. Of course hun, I will do. :D

  7. This sounds great. Nice product