Sunday, August 21, 2011

Today in my Warmer; Buttercream Drizzled Bread!

I've been trying more and more bakery type scents lately. Since so many people love them, I've been adamant about wanting to find some that I could really enjoy too.
After not liking a few I was excited when I tried this one, and couldn't wait to write about it.

Buttercream Drizzled Bread is from the "Bread Basket" sampler pack from Front Porch Candle Co. It came in a really cute doughnut shape, with adorable heart printed packaging.
 The cold scent is almost all sweet. It's not until it melts that the bread notes are really noticeable.
It's no secret that I love buttercream, and this scent is buttercream with a twist. The bread addition in this tart really add warmth and heartiness in to what would otherwise be a scent that is all sweet. It's a more complex, toned down version of buttercream.

The throw is pretty decent, I had it melting on my desk, and could smell it from my kitchen.

Buttercream Drizzled Bread reminds me a little bit of sweet rolls my mother in law made for me once. She was making cinnamon rolls one morning, (We were visiting very early. I think it may have been during the holidays). and she remember that I am one of the few people on the planet that hates cinnamon. She was sweet enough to make a few cinnamon-less cinnamon rolls, just for me :)
It's moments like those that the "in laws" truly feel like family.

It goes without saying that a scent you enjoy is great, but a scent you enjoy that also reminds you of a pleasant memory, is something special.

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