Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Crabby Candle Co Box / Tonight in my warmer; Falling Leaves!

August Tester Package!
I've been wanting to try Crabby Candle Co. for a while now. Part of my excitement is that Crabby sells tester scents.
This is the first vendor that I have seen do a tester box each month. And it's a great deal! For 10 dollars a month you get 5 (2 ounce) tart cups and 4 sample sized wax cubes, and it even includes shipping!
I signed up to be a six month tester for 50 dollars. That comes out to 8.33 dollars for 14 oz. of yummy smellies each month! You don't get to choose the scent, but its such a wide array there is always something for someone, and even so, the whole point is to try something new.
Crabby Candle is even doing a special fall tester box.  20 bucks regular price, and a special price of 15 for testers. 10 (2 ounce) tarts and 5 sample sized cubes. Not a bad price for 25 ounces, especially considering that includes shipping.
The tester box for August is definitely a winner!
This scent needs a name!
It's got some Bakery type scents like Pink Sugared Cookie, Pumpkin Cornbread, and What the French, Toast? (Isn't that a hilarious name?!?). There are a some sweet scents like Gimme S'more!, Blue Sugar and Sugar Plum Fairy. Two rustic fall type scents called Weathered Crow and Falling Leaves, and one mystery scent! It's labeled Help Name Me! Isn't that cute?

I love the "nature"-ish type smells, so I chose to melt Falling Leaves first. Crabby Candles describes Falling Leaves as  "Crisp, clean fall air- captured in a tart! This fantastic clean scent is the epitome of leaves crunching underfoot and deep breaths of cool air."

I love the oranges, browns and reds of fallen leaves during the Autumn months. When I was young, I would rake the back yard, just to play, jump around, and scatter the leaves about.

I would categorize this as a rustic fresh scent. The fresh air notes are very prominent. But it smells old-fashioned, and a little bit like potpourri. You know those old country stores that sell antiques? This is what they smell like.
Falling Leaves brings warmth and comfort almost like a cinnamon, but without the cinnamon's sweet spice.
Falling Leaves is a good scent, I've never tried anything quite like it before. It has an impressive throw as my poor confused husband would attest to. He was in the kitchen and not sure what I was melting. Funny he can pick out the sweet scents, like Sugar Cookie and Creme De La Creme but fresh scents seem to throw him!
I hope Crabby will consider making it part of their Fall lineup. While I probably wouldn't melt this one in Spring, it is the epitome of Autumn.
It almost looks like I have coffee in my coffee cup warmer!


  1. That is the cutest warmer I've ever seen. Where did you get it??

  2. It came as a gift set I got from Amazon.