Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Sugar Plum Fairy!

Feeling pretty Crabby again! I loved the tester box I got from Crabby Candle Co. so much I couldn't wait to melt another scent. Today's choice, Sugar Plum Fairy!
Sugar Plum Fairy was one of the smaller sampler sized scents in this month box. Which is great because my new burner is pretty small. (Hooray for my new burner...I LOVE owls!) Scents that are sweet and have ambiguous names are usually my favorites, so this tart is right up my alley!
I don't have a scent description for this one, so I don't know exactly whats in it. So I'll rely on my nose and see how close I get.  :)
I say it all the time, but I love the color of this wax! While its cold is a nice soft blue, but melted in my warmer its a rich darker color.
Sugar Plum Fairy smells sweet (of course it would with Sugar right in the name!) It either has Pink Sugar in it, or has some sort of that cotton candy-ish note. It reminds me slightly of a chewy candy. Like a jelly belly or a taffy.
I can't tell if it's my nose, or my subconscious talking, but there is a very faint fruity note. My first guess would be plum because plum is in the name. But it could also possibly be apple or a berry of some kind?

Overall, Sugar Plum Fairy is a sweet cuddly type scent. It's not overwhelming or harsh in any way, and would be a great choice for a relaxing bubble bath, or right before bed.
I can't say its my favorite out of all the scents in the sampler box since it's only the second one I've tried so far. (I still have 7 more to go) But I can tell it's going to be really high up there, because I like it a lot.
If Crabby has any tester boxes left, you should check them out. It's a great price and they really have some top notch scents in there. :)
I think I might be going Crazy for Crabby!


  1. Love Sugar Plum Fairy scents! We are testing our version now for the upcoming Christmas months. Can't wait!

  2. Where did you get the owl burner>? It's so cute!!