Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Gimme S'more!

It's been one of THOSE days.
Today was my last day of working for my current employer, and I start my new job on Monday.
I spent most of today trying to wrap up everything I could, while simultaneously saying goodbye to many people I enjoyed spending so many of my work days with. Kind of stressful, kind of sad. I'm excited to embark on my new opportunity, but I already miss some great people I will be leaving behind.That being said, I decided I needed something sweet and comforting tonight. So I bring to you....Gimme S'more! from Crabby Candle Co's August tester box.

It's chocolately, its marshmallowy it's graham crackery....its S'mores!
I've never been camping, but when was young, my brother and I would microwave marshmallows until they puffed up and grew enormous. Then plop them on top of yummy chocolate and graham crackers. Usually on weekends when we would stay up late and watch movies. :)

That is exactly what this scent makes me remember. Gimme S'more! is amazing. It's a rich blend of sweet chocolate, and creamy marshmallow with just a hint of a warm graham scent. I would say it's a majority chocolate, with the marshmallows right behind.
This tart was pretty strong cold, and when it melted it intensified ten fold. I could smell the throw for Gimme S'more! from my bedroom!
I would be surprised if this didn't become a regular part of Crabby's line up. I can't think of anything some one would not like about this scent. It's sweet, comforting, and warm. And just about everyone has a loving childhood S'more experience. (Even the indoor campers like me!)

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