Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spa Tart Sampler from Can-Do-Candles!

I've probably said it a million times, but... I LOVE sampler packs!
I was on a wax ban that lasted a grand total of 3 days until I saw this.

Can-Do-Candles had a quick sale especially for Facebook fans. 10 Spa Samplers packs ready to go. Each sampler included a vinyl zip top bag, a sponge and 10 full sized tarts. The best part? It was only $11.00 with shipping included!

The picture makes it a little hard to see, so I listed the scents in the bag.

1. Rosemary Mint - (Green) Minty, and slightly masculine. 
2. Mr. Clean - (White) I'll have to ask about this one. Smells like Axe body wash to me.
3. Day Spa- (Light Pink) Soft clean and faintly fruity
4. Avocado Facial- (Light Green) smells like plants scrubbed clean
5. Tranquility- (Aquamarine) Very strong Fresh, almost a Laundry detergent type
6. Detoxifier- (Orange) Bright citrus
7. Pink Sand Scrub- (Pink) Very sweet, like clean bubblegum.
8. Cucumber Slices- (Faint Green) Scrubbed cucumbers, much lighter than Avocado Facial
9. Body Wrap- (Dark Green) Heavier than Avocado Facial, but not as soapy
10. Sea Salt Scrub- (White) Like a very soft high end soap
11. Meditation- (Blue) A cleaner version of Ocean Water or Ocean Breeze.

She advertised 10 tarts, but I got 11! I think Mr. Clean was a freebie, since it was the only one outside of the zip top bag.
Thank you so much Donna from Can-Do-Candles for offering this steal of a deal!

Can-Do has amazing tarts, and to get all of this for $11.00 with shipping is incredible. I love fresh scents so much, I am in heaven right now. The only problem I have now is trying to figure out which one I want to melt first. :)

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