Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Creme De La Creme!

I'm feeling grumpy tonight, perfect for melting a Grumpy Girl tart! I loved her Let Them Eat Cake! tart so much I decided to melt something similar. Grumpy Girl packages her tarts in a 2 oz "Cranky Cup"

I like to cut mine in half, since the scent is so great you don't have to use the whole thing. Plus, melting only half makes it last longer. :)

Creme De La Creme is very similar to Let Them Eat Cake! The main distinction between the two is that the Creme De La Creme smells like just the icing, without the cake notes. Let Them Eat Cake! has a little but more depth, but Creme De La Creme is amazing all on it's own. It's buttery and sweet and has an amazing throw. My husband was in another room and asked what the caramel and vanilla smell was. It's not very often I get his seal of approval on my smellies, but when I do that says quite a bit about the scent.  :)

If you love super sweet creamy scents but not particularly in the mood for bakery, Creme De La Creme is an amazing choice. Thank you Grumpy Girl for another amazing tart!

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