Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today in my Warmer; Blue Sugar!

Today I decided to dip into my Crabby Candle Co. tester box and try out Blue Sugar.

I've mentioned this a couple times, but for those of you who don't know, Crabby Candle does a monthly box of tester scents at $10 shipped. I also signed up for the Fall box so I'm really excited for that. :)
Blue Sugar is a lot like Pink Sugar,! Kidding, of course. There are actually quite a few differences between the two, Blue Sugar is much more masculine, in scent as well in color.

 Blue Sugar is very sweet, but it also has darker, heavier notes. It seems to have patchouli, or some sort of "woodsy" tone, but it's hard to guess which one. It's heavier than sandalwood, maybe an oak or cedar?

Patchouli is okay, but not one of my favorites. It's a little too "hippy-ish" or "natural" for me. And while I would never use it on it's own, it makes a great addition to this scent and I love it.
Patchouli and woodsy scents are generally very strong, but Blue Sugar has enough sweetness so that it doesn't scream MANLY SCENT!, or become overwhelmingly "Earthy".
For the strictly bakery folks, this may not be for you. Although there are enough sugar and vanilla notes to make it interesting for those who would otherwise be turned off.
The throw is pretty good, and I am considering moving it from my tealight warmer to my electric one.

I would love to have Blue Sugar made into a soap for my husband to use, maybe even for myself if I have the notion!

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  1. Comfort and Joy makes blue sugar and pink sugar soaps