Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Angel Wings!

Continuing in the Fresh scent tradition, today's scent is Angel Wings! Angel Wings comes from Kim's Tarts.
She sells her tarts 3 to a bag for $1.50, which makes it a great price for great quality tarts.
Kim's Tarts has as special place in my heart because she is the very first vendor I tried. Her tarts are the reason I fell in love with wax. :)

The description for Angel Wings reads "A wonderful aroma embracing the softness of a new born baby and the creaminess of vanilla custard."

Angel Wings smells the same cold as it does melted.  Its fresh, its clean powder! When I read that there was vanilla custard in the description I thought this scent would be sweeter and creamier, but all i get  is baby powder. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Baby powder is a nice clean smell that makes you think of cuddly little ones. As a personal preference, baby powder scents are a little too strong and overwhelm me. That's why I was eager to try once combined with vanilla.
I think some point soon I'm going to melt Angel Wings and Baby Powder side by side to see if I can tell the difference. Or, another great idea, combine an Angel Wings tart with a Vanilla tart in my electric warmer and see what I get. :)

Overall Angel Wings is a great clean baby fresh type scent. (I can't really smell anything else off of it, but that may just be my nose.) If you love baby powder you'll love Angel Wings!

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