Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Sea Blossom!

Today's scent is a 1 ounce tart that came in the Fresh Sampler Pack from Can-Do-CandlesSea Blossom is a beautiful name. It's also an appropriate one. The description on Can-Do's website is listed as "Sea Blossom - Fresh floral sea breeze"

This tart definitely  deserves its spot in the fresh category. Sea Blossom very similar to a laundry or febreze type scent.

The florals add depth and warmth which really makes it stand out in comparison with many other clean types. It's almost like a cashmere or fluffy towels with fresh breeze and flower top notes.
  It could also be compared to Lilac Linens although Sea Blossom is quite a bit more vibrant. The throw isn't as over powering as Fresh Linen, but still pretty strong.

Even if you aren't a floral fan, I would still recommend you give this one a try. I know I've been saying that a lot lately. But clean and floral types together are so amazing, and compliment each other so well.

It is a balancing act. Too much floral overwhelms many (if not most) tart lovers. Too much of a fresh/clean note can be headache inducing. But when the two come together in perfect harmony, its like smelly magic. I am convinced that fresh and florals were made for each other, like bacon and eggs. :)
If Sea Blossom was made into a laundry detergent I would wash all my clothes in it every day.

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