Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Front Porch Candle Co/ Tonight, Pink Caramel Apples!

Four sampler bags plus my freebie!
I'm a very lucky girl tonight! I am pleased to announce I received my very first order from Front Porch Candle Co.! I got pulled in by their BOGO sale they had last week, but ordered for their sampler packs. If you've read my reviews before I'm sure you already know I am in LOVE with sampler packs. There are too many amazing scents out there to not try new ones all the time. Plus, I'm horrible at picking scents, I over think way too much. Getting a bunch of surprise scents is half the fun. :)
Samplers out of the bags
So diving right in, I got 4 different sampler bags. The Bread Basket Sampler, Just a Spoon Full of Sugar Sampler, Romantic Evening Sampler, and the Grab Bag Sampler. The Grab bag was completely random. Yay!

They were also kind enough to toss in a really nice freebie. They are mini cinnamon roll shaped in the Pink Cherries Scent. 
Pink Caramel Apple!
The individual sample tarts are in this adorable doughnut shape. They come 8 scents in each bag. So I have 32 new fun scents to try! Not to mention the Pink Cherries freebie.
Since I was a bit overwhelmed with all the great smellies, I mixed them all together, closed my eyes, and grabbed one. So tonights scent.....Pink Caramel Apples!
So far I haven't tried a vendor I haven't liked, and rarely is there a scent I don't care for (so far) but whoa! I was blown away! For such a little donutty tart, the scent that came off of this was incredible. The throw is excellent, and Pink Caramel Apples is amazing. It's sweet and fruity, and the apple scent is eerily accurate.
Donut closeup!
The apples are first and foremost, with a undertone of warmth that must be the caramel.  The Pink Sugar addition is wonderful. Even though it's quite understated because of the other, stronger scents you can tell it's there.

Pink Caramel Apples was a wonderful way to kick off my experience with Front Porch Candle Co, and I can't wait to try even more!


  1. I love Front Porch...if I were you though, I wouldn't melt any more any time soon. If you let FP's tarts cure for a few weeks you will find them much, much stronger :)

  2. Hi Carrie! I don't think I can wait for all of them,
    but I can probably set most of them aside for a few weeks. Thanks for the advice!