Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bath and Body Works Review; The Citrus Collection!

 Bath and Body Works is currently previewing their Citrus Collection in store. This collection consists of Apple Blossom Citrus, Peach Citrus, and Pomegranate Citrus. Peach Citrus is the brightest and sweetest of the 3.When it first goes on, the sweetness can almost be overbearing. It reminds me of a Capri Sun flavor I used to drink as a kid, kind of like a combination between a tropical scent and Skittles. Of all the reviews and opinions I've read, Peach Citrus has a slight lead ahead of the other two.

Pomegranate Citrus is the heaviest of the three. It still has that candy sweetness, but with a generic berry scent. In the bottle it smells like a zesty berry that explodes once you put it on. Pomegranate Citrus is much better after the berry calms down some. It's not quite a floral type scent when it dries, but it's close.

Apple Blossom Citrus is the last scent in the collection, and is probably my favorite of the three. Apple Blossom is a great name for this one.  The top note is a zesty green apple type with a sweet pretty floral coming in underneath. The dry down is definitely my favorite. The apple fades away, and floral stays behind. It is sweet, but not quite as strong as the Pomegranate Citrus, and far behind Peach Citrus.

Pros; Something fun and new to try
Cons; Super sweet and candy like
Overall; 4/10
The Citrus Collection is way too sweet for me, although it would be great for a young girl or teen. I will probably use Apple Citrus the most  because I like the dry down so much.

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