Monday, July 11, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Bulimic Ballerina!

Bulimic Ballerina cut in half
With a name like Bulimic Ballerina you know it has to be Grumpy Girl! Even for folks who don't like the name, you have to admit its intriguing and sparks interest.
Stack - o- Cranky Cups!
The  wax melt comes in a cute 2 ounce "Cranky Cup", which I cut in half to fit into my small burner. The shape of the tart makes it fairy easy to cut. It's flat on the top and bottom and doesn't slide or roll.

It's a gorgeous pink color that combined with the name, reminds me of the pink of a ballerina's tutu.
Bulimic Ballerina smells like cotton candy and berries while it's cold. Grumpy Girl describes her scent as "Yummy Pink Sugar, Strawberries, Butter-Cream frosting and vanilla sugar cookies" 
It reminds me of Pink Sugared Cookies that I tried from Shayz Scentz just yesterday. The only real difference is an extra fruity smell which of course, is the strawberries.
I am thoroughly enjoying this scent! It's sweet, fruity, and smells good enough to eat. It has a great throw and a beautiful color.
Half of the tart

Either you love or hate the name, but if you are a Pink Sugar fan, or even a Sugar Cookie fan, there's a good chance you will love this.

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