Saturday, July 16, 2011

Diamond Candles!

gold marker
I came across Diamond Candle quite by accident one day. I was looking online for different kinds of candles and vendors, when I stumbled across one of their advertisements. Diamond Candles are made from soy wax, and have a surprise embedded within. Each candle contains a ring that can be worth in a range of  $10, $100, $1,000 or $5,000. They are placed in a little plastic zip lock baggy, then securely wrapped in gold foil. There is a gold foil marker on the side to let you know where your surprise is.

I got 2 candles, one in Cupcake and the other in Dusk.
 Diamond Candle describles Cupcake as;
I love cupcake!
ring is surfacing
"What is the perfect dessert that basically has no calories because compared to a whole cake is almost nothing? What's really more like a cake vitamin? Cupcakes are one of our favorites treats for all occasions. Let's enjoy the smell even when we aren't taking our vitamins. The Cupcake Candle"

It doesn't say much about the scent itself, but it doesn't really need to. It smells like a cupcake. It is just as you would think, a sweet, and indulgent buttercream type scent. The throw is pretty decent, and it burns well and evenly.  Dusk is described as

Dusk blown out to get ring
"Always wanted to bottle the scent of husband or boyfriend to relive the memories of a date or special occasion? Men, do you want to smell great and get rid of the man stink? Do your ladies a favor men, get Dusk."
I would have really liked it if they have been a bit more descriptive, but since I really like masculine scents I decided to give it a try.
When I got to smell it for myself, I was quite pleased. Without knowing the notes and having to guess, I would say there is patchouli and some sort of musk. It is reminiscent of a Midsummer's Night type from Yankee. 

Slight tunneling in Dusk
It's a good candle, but this one had a little bit of a tunneling issue. I put a "tin foil hat" around the rim that helped and made it burn better. (I learned that from Ellie a few months ago. She does great reviews too! Check out her facebook here) The tin foil hat helped, but once I took it off it began tunneling some again. Perhaps the wick is a little off center? It's hard to judge the throw considering all the wax doesn't melt, but I really love the scent. I will continue to burn it with and without the hat and see if it will eventually correct itself.

Gold Foil with ring inside!
We can't forget the rings!  Both of my rings were the $10 kind. The rings are obviously fake, but of good quality. They are not flimsy or breakable, I have already worn them both and the stones are secure. I have gotten allergic reactions to cheap rings in the past, but not with these.
The Cupcake candle had the ring with the large slightly yellow square stone, and the Dusk candle had the gold colored ring with a green heart shaped stone.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that they both fit, approximately size 7.
And if you get a ring you don't like? There is a facebook page for swapping rings here.

When I first saw Diamond Candles online I was concerned that they would be "gimmicky", or that they put crummy rings in crummy candles. I'm glad to find out that this wasn't the case.
The Reveal!
Ring in the plastic zip lock
From Cupcake
From Dusk
Diamond Candles' quality is pretty good. I love the scent of both candles that I've received. Other than some minor tunneling issues, they have burned well.
I highly recommend Diamond Candles as a perfect gift for someone who likes both jewelry and candles, just like me. I already have another order placed so I can try two of their other scents.

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