Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Orange Creamsicle!

This morning I realized that I had not done any sort of fruity scent in my "Tonight in my warmer" reviews! I was looking through my tarts and picked 3 that I liked, Orange Creamsicle, Strawberry Musk and Papaya Passion. Then decided it would be more fun if I let the readers decide. So, after a full day of polling, Orange Creamsicle was the clear winner. Come by the facebook page if you would like to vote. Life, Love and Fragrance on Facebook. The poll was so much fun I will be doing a lot more of them.

Orange Creamsicle is a cute orange (of course!) tart with yellow and orange sprinkles.  I LOVE the sprinkles! Don't sprinkles make everything more fun!?!?!
When you smell it cold, its the perfect blend of orange and cream.
The throw is beautiful once it's melted, and is one of the few scents that does not change as it warms. It still maintains that perfect balance of tang and sweet.
This is one of those simple scents. You know what its supposed to be, and there isn't a ton of notes to try to sort through. Which is nice. Sometimes scents try to be so complex, they don't make any sense. Like when you mix a bunch of different pretty colors of paint and end up with a muddy brown. Not this one! Is beautiful in it's simplicity.


This is a scent I probably wouldn't have purchased on my own, but now I'm glad that I have tried it. Orange Creamsicle is the second reason why asking for a random assortment of tarts was a resounding success.
It reminds me of treats I used to get from the ice cream truck at my Grandma's house. 
Looking for a little childhood nostalgia?  I certainly found mine :)

Pros; Smells EXACTLY like an Orange Creamsicle.
Cons; Tastes NOTHING like and Orange Creamsicle.
Overall;  9/10 Scent is exactly what I thought it would be. Awesome throw.

Wax is even prettier with Sprinkles!

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