Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Spa!

 It's laundry day again! Keeping up with "Fresh Sunday" theme, I'm melting Spa.
Spa arrived with my Ecoscents order that I recieved with a few days ago. Like the other tarts, these were also purchased with a free with a gift card I had handy.
The manufacturer  is called "Our Own Candle Company" they have a website here;
I looked for a scent description but it is not listed. Perhaps it has been discontinued? I's a little hard to tell. This website is NOT very user friendly and is hard to navigate.
Only 4 cubes.

They package their "Melt'ems" in a plastic clamshell just like Ecoscents except there are 4 breakable cubes instead of 6. Each cube is larger, but there is less wax total. I would guess the entirety is about 2.5 ounces compared to 3. These tarts are also incredibly oily, so my guess is that they are  made from soy. (Suprisingly it is not written on the package)
Size comparison of the cubes.
Please note in the photo the tarts and packaging look awful. This is not the fault of the manufacturer. These were sitting in my mailbox for a while, and I live in hot Los Angeles.

As for the scent; it is absolutely beautiful! It's bright and fresh, with a little zip, perhaps lemon grass or lemon zest? The throw is pretty good. I have no idea what the notes are, but the closest thing I can associate it with, is a lighter version of Yankee's Ocean Water and a splash of citrus.

Pros; good throw. AMAZING scent.
Cons; Small amount of wax, lame website, possibly discontinued.
Overall; 9/10
 I love this scent, it's bright and cheery and perfect for a happy Sunday.
I let the wax cool to emphasize the beautiful color

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