Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Ocean Mist!

Its Sunday...Laundry Day! I love melting fresh scents while folding clean laundry. I just did a Cashmere clean scent a few days ago so I chose a fresh type of a different category. Instead of a detergent type clean, Ocean Mist is more of an outdoor fresh.
This tart was made by Can-Do-Candles and was included in the Fresh sampler bag. Its a beautiful sea foam bluish green color.
Can-Do describes this scent as "Salty sea air and flowers."
The salty sea air part is amazing, and the flowers are very understated in this tart. Perhaps the flower notes are to keep the sea air notes from being to overpowering. I know there are a lot of folks that don't like florals, and one is definitely not a floral. Without reading the description I wouldn't have known that it had flower type notes in it. This scent comes across as a bright and cheerful clean type, like a brighter version of Ocean Water from Yankee Candle.

If you are looking to do a Fresh scent, but are a little burned out by Linen, or Fluffy Towels you should really give Ocean Mist a try. It's clean, and could possibly be a scent for laundry detergent with a fresh salty air twist.
This would also make a great clean bathroom scent, and for me at least, the color matches my guest bathroom decor!

I LOVE this color!

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