Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Wedding Day!

During the Semi Annual Sale, Yankee Candle sells both tarts and votives for the same price of $1.  Which is strange because a tart is 0.8 ounces and the votive is 1.75 ounces. I'm not quite sure why they sell twice the wax for the same price. There is no difference in texture, scent or appearance between the two.

So I decided to pull out the wick and use the votive in my warmer instead.  The flat metal piece underneath the candle is very close to the edge, and is easy to wedge out with a butter knife. I probably could have gotten it out by hand if I had tried. (I didn't really want wax under my nails).
Pulling out the wick
If you cut the votive in half, it would be roughly the size of a Yankee tart. Since I have a large electric warmer, and partly because I'm lazy and didn't want to have to wash wax off of a knife, I just tossed the entire thing in to melt.
The scent is beautiful and bright, a lovely blend of florals and fruits.  I sense a hint of musk and some sort of perfumy aroma. I would have preferred a little less musk and perfume, with a little more clean, or with a touch of vanilla. 

Wedding Day is a scent that reminds me of a happy summer day. I would love to know the specific notes but the description doesn't say.
The throw was good, but not amazing.  I enjoyed the scent, but probably won't purchase this one from Yankee again.
I would much rather support small businesses, so if a small mom and pop vendor sold something similar, I would buy it.

****As a disclaimer I'm going to warn you. I don't recommend you do this with a cheap candle. I received a cheap drugstore pillar candle as a gift and tried to melt it in my tart burner the same way.  I didn't have any problems while it was burning, but when I attempted to take out the wax it was stuck. Even in the freezer for an hour it wouldn't come out. I began digging it out with a spoon, then realized I slightly damaged my burner. (if you notice on some of the photos of my white burner, there is a small darkened spot in the center where I scratched it.) I ended up having to remelt the wax and pour it on newspapers in my garbage can. Washing the rest out of my burner is not an experience I would like to repeat.
But if you are a little apprehensive on melting a tart or cutting a candle, don't worry. I have not had any trouble with good quality wax. I've melted Yankee and Slatkin & Co with not problems whatsoever.****

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