Monday, July 25, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Dark Kiss!

Calling all Bath and Body Works Fans! Tonight I'm melting Dark Kiss from Kim's Tarts. Sadly, I missed the original Dark Kiss candles. I wasn't a B&BW customer until after they were discontinued, and didn't hear about them until it was too late.
I have been wearing Dark Kiss as a personal fragrance for about 6 months and is one of my favorites. Imagine my delight when I saw the listing for a Dark Kiss tart!

Kim describes  this tart as "Voluptuous berries, tempting blooms, sensual incense and cashmere musk blend together in this forbidden, seductive fragrance."

B&BW describes Dark Kiss as "A seductive blend of voluptuous berries tempting blooms and night musk to unleash your most primal passions."

I've tried a lot of different dupes, but this is probably the closest to the real thing that I've encountered. The berries are spot on, as well as the sweetness. The slight difference would have to be the musk. The dupe has cashmere musk and the original has night musk, but the distinction is so slight it is barely noticeable at all.

Purple is the perfect color for this scent, its dark, and a little heavy, but is sweet, creamy, and fruity all at the same time. This scent is great because it is so perfectly balanced.

Dark Kiss is surprisingly versatile. Most scents aren't as interchangeable between personal and home fragrance. (Other than Twilight Woods and vanilla scents in my opinion).

I would consider more of a fall and winter type since it's heavier than most spring or summer scents. Luckily, it is also sweet enough to stave off the "bleh" factor that many heavy scents have.

Dark Kiss is one of my favorite scents as a lotion and perfume, but when I feel like wearing something else, I can pop this tart in my warmer instead!


  1. I love this scent!! Great review:)

  2. Love that color! I have this one from Kim's Tarts....I'm excited to melt it now!