Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Wildflowers!

I love sampler packs, so when I saw K's Kreations had a sampler "shot" option I had purchase it.
The buyer has the option to choose up to 10 different scents in a 0.75 oz "shot" cup.  I like that the tarts are a bit smaller, it gives me the opportunity to use my mini burner.  "Jr" can't hold a full tart, but the sampler shot fills it nicely.
One of the scents I chose was Wildflowers.
Wildflowers is described as;  "This fragrance begins with top notes of fresh geranium, Turkish rose, and hints of fresh leaves; followed by middle notes of lily of the valley, ylang ylang, and tuberose; with base notes of soft vanilla, patchouli, and amber."

I can detect flowers of course, I think mostly the geranium and lily of the valley. There is a slight masculine note which must be the patchouli. The entire thing is very well rounded and softened. After reading the description I suspect that's why the vanilla and amber are the base notes.

This is a lovely floral scent that isn't necessarily sweet, it would be better described as a "softened" floral. If you liked Magnolia, there is a good chance you will like this one too.

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