Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Cashmere!

Cashmere is a a white scalloped tart, made by Kim's Tarts.
I was so excited by my new orders, I totally forgot about Fresh Sunday! To make up for that, I've decided to melt Cashmere today.
Cashmere is like a softer, slightly sweeter cousin of Fluffy Towels or Fresh Linen. You still get that clean, laundry detergent type scent, but its softer, and more rounded.

Cashmere is described as "A lovely blend of musk, floral, myrrh, lavender, jasmine, lemon, powder, patchouli, and vanilla."
Clean -----> Cozy
Fresh Linen ---> Fluffy Towels --->Cashmere
(In this example, "Cozy" means warm or relaxing.)

I was surprised to find this many florals, because it doesn't smell like a floral at all. It also has lemon listed as a note, but I don't get that either.
I can definitely smell the powder, and the warmth and softness I detected was probaby the patchouli and vanilla.
For those who have reservations about patchouli, it smells like there is very little of it in this tart. And what amount that is in there, is softened and well rounded by the vanilla. 
I can't tell if its the name, or the fact that I perceive this as a warmer Fluffy Towels type scent, but it inspires warm cuddly feelings. I have this strange feeling I need to go give Teddy a hug.
This would be a great scent for someone who wants something relaxing and clean, but relaxing as well. It would also make a great bedtime scent.

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