Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tonight in my warmer; Vanilla Bomb!

I had so much fun with yesterday's poll I decided to do a second one today. Out of Downey- Moonlight Garden, Vanilla Bomb, Ocean Mist, or Sun and Sand, Vanilla Bomb came out as the clear winner. Although Ocean Mist came in behind as a respectable second.

I already knew I was going to love this scent, since I have been on a vanilla bender for a couple of weeks now. 
It's a cute off white, slightly yellow tart with colored sprinkles. I was a little sad to see that the sprinkles had smooshed when I first  opened the package. This isn't Wahm's fault, I think they got a little too warm in my mail man's truck.

This may surprise you...but Vanilla Bomb smells exactly like....VANILLA! I don't smell any other notes exept for perhaps a slight creamy note.
For those who are curious, there is a slight difference between this one and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Most WVS doesn't have much of the cream notes. (Except for the cold EcoScents version. ) It's mostly an overwhelmingly sweet scent with a touch of vanilla. Vanilla Bomb is the opposite, a mostly vanilla scent with some sweetness thrown in.
Keep in mind this is just my perception. I should have asked for the description before I put it up for votes. I'll check, and post an update if there is anything in it that I missed.

The only that that I am slightly disappointed in was that the sprinkles melted into an ugly blob on the bottom of my warmer. I don't know if they usually do this, or if it was because they were overheated and squished when they arrived. I definitely like the sugar type sprinkles a little better, they are fantastic! They don't squish, and look pretty and sparkly in my warmer.
Vanilla Bomb is exactly as the name implies. It has a wonderful rich Vanilla scent and the throw is huge. Almost like a vanilla scented bomb when off in my living room. :)

Pros; Amazing rich scent, huge throw
Cons; Kinda sad about the sprinkles
Overall; 8/10

 Another amazing scent from Wahm's. These are so good, I think I'm working up the bravery to try a bakery scent.

I'll be posting more polls so readers can vote on future "Whats in my Warmer" reviews.  Votes will be posted here Life, Love and Fragrance on Facebook . Also! I'm still planning to do a giveaway but I need some more participants first. If you are interested, be sure to follow the Facebook page.


  1. Hi, I really like Wahms tarts too. and I agree Vanilla Bomb smells just like Vanilla :) Her items look great before she mails them (check out her pics) but in the heat they kinda get a bit out of shape. Nothing she can do about that. And I like the sprinkles they look pretty and don't have an impact on the scent. And I just wipe everything out of the bowl anyway. Don't really feel it's fair to dock points on that :( Otherwise good review.

  2. I mentioned that the heat and shipping wasn't her fault. The rainbow sprinkles look blobby in the warmer. The scent was great, bt I wasn't "Wowed" like I was with pink noel. 1 point for ugly blob, and 1 point because I like some of her other scents better. (this is an opinion blog). Not every scent can be 10/10. Even though many like this one came close. 8/10 I'd still an awesome score, because Wahm's sells an awesome product

  3. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I love the sprinkles. Its just that l love the sugar type sprinkles better. They look and hold up better in the heat and in the warmer

  4. Nicole, I would like to know how long have you been around wax? Also, what made you want to start a blog about it? I'm sorry, I love to read your blogs, but I have to agree with damaemma, the sprinkles shouldn't have anything to do with the scent of the tart, and the tart you are reviewing shouldn't have any effect on her other tarts. They should all be kept separate when you are rating them. Thank you for doing an excellent job at this. We look forward to see what you are going to write next. As you probably know or have read, Julie and K's Kreations are my #1 vendors, and lol, since this is just an opinion blog, I thought I would voice my opinion. BTW, hope to see you Monday night at the trivia game on What's in your Warmers page.

  5. The sprinkles have nothing to do with the scent of the tart. I never said it did. It was such a minor thing I am a bit surprised that people have asked questions about it. It looked kinda strange in my warmer that's all.
    I try to give a general rating about the tart as a whole.
    I am an ameatur, and I decided to write about candles and tarts when I discovered how much I loved them. (as a new buyer I had trouble choosing based on scent descriptions alone, and was disappointed when I couldn't find reviews on them)
    I'm learning more and more as I go along, and i'm sorry if you are displeased at how I rate/talk about each item. I would gladly accept advise or critiques, but you can't say im not doing it properly, then say i'm doing an excellent job because that is confusing.
    This was just something fun I like to do in the evenings for people who have a similar interest.
    I'm glad you enjoy reading them and I hope you continue to do so, because I enjoy writing them.
    (i can't make the trivia game because I work)

    I'm sorry if I upset folks about the sprinkles. It certainly wasn't intended. I thought I had made it clear it wasn't any one's fault. I only wanted to highlight the difference between the sparkly sugar sprinkles and the rainbow ones.
    I am a work in progress.