Monday, July 18, 2011

Tonight in my Warmer; Rose!

Kim ties bows a lot nicer than I do!
Today's scent is a lovely pink tart in Rose from Kim's Tarts.
I am self described floral lover, and there is no scent I adore as much as fresh cut roses. Roses have always been around for some of the best events in my life. My father has been growing different breeds of roses for at least the last decade, and whenever his roses are in bloom, he always has a vase full on the dining room table.
Roses my dad grew in his garden
I had a bouquet full of roses on my wedding day, and my husband has bought me roses more than once for Valentines day. The first thing I do when I see roses is inhale as much of that sweet aroma as my lungs will hold.

While it's incredibly difficult to duplicate the smell of actual roses, Kim's Rose scented tart comes pretty darn close. It's got the sweet top notes, with that slight tang you get from a real rose. I would consider this one one of the stronger florals. So I would put into a larger room. Even though it's pretty strong I haven't gotten a headache.
my wedding bouquet

I've heard many people describe rose type scents as a more "mature" type, but if you haven't tried it don't let this stereotype disturb you.  I'm convinced rose type scent (probably sweetened or mixed with vanilla ) will make a big comeback as a personal fragrance. At least I hope so.
If you ever think of giving florals a chance, try Rose. Not only is it a great scent, but for me at least, it reminds me of a lot of special moments.

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